It is our mission to ensure babies & toddlers have a strong start in life by providing parents with the support and resources needed to raise smart, healthy and curious life-long learners.

Children are natural born explorers, discovering the world around them and learning new skills everyday. In fact, across the span of a human life the brain grows most rapidly from birth until the age of three, with 700 neural connections forming every second. During these formative years children are especially sensitive to their environment and experiences. At this time, it’s important they receive the proper stimuli, nurture and care to lay a strong foundation for all future learning.

As rewarding as parenting can be, it does have its challenges. We believe that with positive strategies, education and most important, peer & community support parents can stay confident at a time when they and their children need it most.

As a first time mom I knew very little about child development. I was, however, passionate and determined, as most parents are, to provide my baby with the best of everything. So, I spent hours reading about different developmental milestones, talking to other parents, doctors etc., in search of information on how to raise a smart, happy and healthy child. As exhilarated as I was, I often found myself overwhelmed trying to process all the information and juggle it all. And then there was "mom guilt". Ah, the mom guilt! At times I felt like I wasn't doing enough, or not doing the right thing, second guessing some of my parenting choices and decisions. I think part of that came from having too much information thrown at me from too many different sources.

The inspiration to form First Edventures came out of that experience. I did not want other parents to feel the same way. It's important that we are confident at a time when we and our children need it most. I believe part of that confidence comes from having the right knowledge and support system around you. First Edventures is that place where parents can find quality practical resources they need regarding early development and most important the support of other parents and their community. I'm a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child and First Edventures is that village.

Warm Regards