What We Offer

Brain Building Activities

Simple, fun and educational activities for parents and kids especially designed by child development experts for group events and meetups.

Local Experts

Access to local child development experts, parent coaches, facilitators and authors to invite to parent workshops, group discussions, events, etc.

Organizer Toolkits

Helpful resources for group hosts and coordinators to aid in event planning, organization and growth.

Member Discounts

Discounts to local children's museums, baby gyms, zoos, farms, and other enriching activities.

Giveaway Opportunities

Sponsorship and giveaway opportunities for group meetups like playdates, community outreach, Mom's and/or Dad's Night Out, etc.

Join Us

Find a Parent Group

Find one of our parent group partners near you. Meet up, support, share experiences, while participating in fun, brain building activities with your children, parent workshops and so much more.

Start a Parent Group

You believe in our mission and would like to start a group in your area. We provide the tools and resources to make your group an educationally enriching & fun experience for all members.

Become a Partner

You share our vision that all babies should have a strong start in life and would like to access the many resources and benefits we offer our parent group partners