5 Ways To Optimize Your Child’s Reading Experience


How often you read to your child is just as important as how you read to your child.

1. Follow along with your finger 

As you read, follow along with your finger going from left to right and encourage your child to do the same. This will teach your little one the left to right processing of print, which is important for when they start learning how to read on their own.

2.  Make reading an interactive experience

As you read, act out the words with your voice, face and hands, making it an interactive experience. Let your child explore the pages and turn them as you read. It’s all part of the reading experience.

3. Ask your child questions

As you read ask your child questions like “what does this animal say?” or “where did the bird fly to?”. Pause to listen for an answer and encourage talking before telling them what it is. This helps children learn about conversation and taking turns when speaking with others.

4. Repetition is key

Don’t shy away from reading the same books over and over again. Repetition is key to learning sounds and words.

5. Choose books with lots of rhymes

Rhyming teaches children who are learning to talk, write and read about language patterns, rhythm, and structure in both spoken and written words. Books that incorporate rhyming prepare children to make predictions while learning words and gives them crucial decoding skills. This means if your child can say/read “call,” he or she can say/read, ball, tall, mall etc.